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My Experience and Training

As both a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I work on many levels in different aspects of people's lives. I have worked in private practice for several years. By working holistically, I am interested in how anxiety, self-doubt and self-criticism can emerge when we face difficulties and may lead to polarised or negative thinking about ourselves or our situations. Sometimes we are not sure how to move on.

Counselling and Psychotherapy work best through a collaborative relationship that builds. It is not about easy answers but I suggest ideas and explorations which you use to find your way through to what you need. I find realistic but positive support can facilitate people to move from feeling stuck, negative, or undecided to increasing clarity, seeing more choices, trying out new ways, and making decisions. Nothing is imposed but sometimes we need to consider questions and conundrums in the work that may feel challenging. My role is to support and facilitate you to navigate through difficulties to find your own answers at your pace.

In my therapeutic practice I have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding about many life experiences such as:

  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Anxiety, low mood or depression
  • Negative Thinking or Self-Doubt
  • Bereavment or Loss
  • Coping with difficulties in relationships
  • Stress
  • Dealing with abuse experiences
  • Coping with Health issues
  • Trauma
  • Work related issues
  • Alcohol related issues
  • Uncertainty about your life
  • Issues arising from health matters

    My knowledge and understanding has developed from my wide experience in the following:

    Accredited as a Gestalt Psychotherapist (under the name of Maria Siepe) with UKCP.
    Accredited as a Counsellor with the National Counselling Society.
    Individual Member of BACP (under name of Siepe).
    I have worked with a variety of issues supporting people to understand more about themselves and their situations.

    More than three years of Advanced Gestalt Psychotherapy training with Gestalt South West with internationally recognised trainers in the Gestalt field, giving experience of work with individuals and groups- Gestalt Southwest.
    Trained with a Diploma in Advanced Gestalt Psychotherapy with Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership.
    Psychotherapy is a higher level of training which is comprehensive in covering many aspects of development, relationships, trauma, mental health etc.

    Qualified as a Social Worker in 1986 and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council until recently.
    I worked in Adult Care for over 30 years in various areas such as Mental Health, Older Persons, Physical Ill Health, Learning Disabilities, Autism. I worked with many additional issues such as substance abuse, anger management, homelessness, domestic violence, childhood abuse, vulnerable adults, loneliness, and ill health. Listening to so many life stories inspired me to train in psychotherapy.

    Supervisor and Practice Educator in Social Work - gaining a Certificate in Management.
    As a Supervisor in social work, I supported others to build their knowledge, skills and self-confidence in their professional development. I worked with employment related issues and organisational changes. My ability to survive a stressful job for 30 years also enables me to support others to manage the stresses of challenging work.

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