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My Experience

As a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, I have worked with adults for several years on many levels in different aspects of their lives. I find realistic but positive support can facilitate people to move from feeling stuck or negative to having more choice and seeing potential. I do this by focusing on how people feel and think about themselves as this often impacts relationships and issues. I gained significant experience of many life issues as an adult care social worker for 30 years (see below) , which supports my Counselling and Psychotherapy through understanding many aspects of people's lives. I have experience in working with:

Low self-esteem and confidence ; Anxiety, Low mood or depression; Mental health and well being; Relational or familial issues; Self doubt and uncertainty; Stress; Bereavement or loss; Health issues; Difficult childhood or relationships; The impact of abuse experiences on individuals and those around them; The impact of alcohol misuse on individuals and those around them; Trauma; Life changes and decision making; Work related issues; Negative thinking and more.

My knowledge and understanding has developed from my wide experience in the following:

Accredited as a Gestalt Psychotherapist (under the name of Maria Siepe) with UKCP.
Accreditedas a Counsellor with the National Counselling Society.
I have worked with a variety of issues such as anxiety and depression, relationship issues, low confidence, surviving abuse, loss etc. One of my placements was working with alcohol related issues so I have been able to work with people on aspects of addictive type behaviours.

More than three years of Advanced Gestalt Psychotherapy training with Gestalt South West with internationally recognised trainers in the Gestalt field, giving experience of work with individuals and groups- Gestalt Southwest.
Trained with a Diploma in Advanced Gestalt Psychotherapy with Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership.
My training as a Psychotherapist was comprehensive in covering many aspects of development, relationships, trauma, mental health etc. A major requirement of psychotherapy training is we have our own weekly therapy throughout to reduce the impact of our own issues on clients and to give us experience of being a client.

Qualified as a Social Worker in 1986 and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council until recently.
Supervisor and Practice Educator in Social Work - gaining a Certificate in Management.
I worked in Adult Care for over 30 years in various areas such as Mental Health, Older Persons, Physical Ill Health, Learning Disabilities, Autism. Much of my work involved dealing with people's relationships with partners, friends and families as well as how they felt about themselves in terms of low mood and self -confidence. My work included issues such as the impact of ill health on people and their relationships, the impact of various forms of abuse in childhood or adulthood, loneliness and isolation, mental well-being and self-care, various forms of substance abuse etc.

I enabled others to build their knowledge, skills and self-confidence - supporting them in their professional development. As a Supervisor I worked with employment related issues and organisational changes. I am able to support people considering the challenges of their work. My ability to survive a stressful job for 30 years also enables me to support others to manage the stresses of challenging work.

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream” Vincent Van Gogh

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