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More About Counselling and Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Therapists believe that people are born with the resources and ability to lead satisfying and creative lives but that life experiences may interrupt this process. We focus on understanding how our life experiences affect us and reconnect with achieving our potential. Through increased awareness, dealing with 'unfinished business' and re-framing negative or self limited thinking we can find our own solutions. The emphasis is very much about people finding their own 'creative' ways to lead more satisfying lives.

There are different levels of counselling and some counsellors go on to qualify as a psychotherapist. It is a requirement throughout psychotherapy training to have weekly therapy to sort out our own personal issues so we reduce any potential impact on clients. It also enables us to experience what it is like being a client. This supports Psychotherapists to work on many different levels of difficulty and complexity.

Change can be very rewarding though sometimes not easy. I believe learning is a lifelong path and change is always possible at whatever pace is needed. Psychotherapy and Counselling can provide an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our choices and our potential options. Sometimes there are specific issues that can be resolved in short term work. Other issues may be more complex or entrenched requiring longer term work. Either way I believe in working together to focus on what you need at the time.

Counselling and Psychotherapy work best through the relationship that builds as we collaborate to work out what needs attention, clarify choices and consider how to resolve issues. I do not give you answers but through my experience and training I suggest ideas and explorations you may use to consider alternatives and develop what you need. Nothing is imposed but sometimes we need to consider questions and conundrums in the work that may feel challenging. My role is to facilitate and support you to navigate through difficulties to find your own answers at your pace. I am a great believer in people developing their own 'Toolkit' to manage issues in life. In effect, I believe Psychotherapy and Counselling can be a useful tool for you to find your unique ways to manage the ups and downs of life without me after our work has finished. In therapeutic terms we call this 'resilience'.

We always discuss what might be helpful and nothing is imposed.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending"
Maria Robinson

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