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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist and Counsellor in South Bristol- Whitchurch near Knowle and Brislington.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

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Can Psychotherapy or Counselling help?

I am Maria Bellis and I believe Psychotherapy and Counselling can improve wellbeing through bringing clarity and understanding, supporting healing and recovery, promoting personal growth and enabling change. If you need help to feel better about issues causing you anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, feeling stuck or any other dissatisfaction, therapy can be a good tool to support you to move on.

I am an accredited Counsellor (NCS), Gestalt Psychotherapist (UKCP), and an Individual Member of BACP (see More About Me page).

I am happy to be contacted so you can get an idea of what I am like and how I may work with your issues. Whether you have a short-term goal or long term issues, I welcome enquiries to find out more as I understand it is important to find a therapist who feels right for you.
Click here to E mail me.

  • You can also text me or call and leave a message.
  • All of my contact is confidential and I will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • You can read My Blog to find out more about how I work as a therapist.
  • I practice counselling and psychotherapy in south Bristol in Whitchurch, near Knowle, Hengrove, Stockwood and Brislington (See Getting in Touch ).

  • Why Psychotherapy and Counselling?

    Psychotherapy and counselling enables you to express thoughts and feelings without judgement so you can move on to feel better about your situation. My aim is to provide a safe space to work on many life events and personal challenges. You don't have to 'need' therapy, you only need a willingness to explore and clarify issues to gain more understanding about your options for change.

    The aim of counselling and therapy is to support you with feeling better about the things that feel hard to resolve and find solutions that work for you. When you understand more about how you think about your self, life events and relationships, you can move on from feeling stuck or being in repeated patterns to a real sense of choice and enablement.

    Our relationship with ourselves often impacts on many issues in our lives, so increasing our awareness and understanding is only part of the process of considering change. It is how you feel about your life and the issues you face that is important. Therapy provides opportunities to experience and develope new thoughts and feelings that support positive change.

    Whatever the issues you bring, we go at your pace.

  • Some people come for a short number of sessions to work on a specific issue such as deciding about a life event. We talk about relevant issues but may not go into depth or difficult feelings quite as much as long term work.
  • Some people choose to come long term because they recognise they have a complex issue that requires focus for some time. This allows us to plan and pace any difficult feelings or thoughts according to what is needed.
  • Some people may dip in and out over a number of years because they do not want to deal with everything at once. It may be they only want to deal with difficult things in stages. We try to plan for this so that people can feel in control of how they work.

    Part of my discussion with you is to clarify your aim and what may be involved. We can decide how long you would like to come and what your goal would be in that time. You can also decide on a trial period if you think that would be useful. The important thing is that you feel in control of your own process and decision making. I am not here to impose anything but I can advise from my professional experience and knowledge.

  • What is Gestalt Psychotherapy

    Gestalt Therapists believe that people are born with the resources and ability to lead satisfying and creative lives but that life experiences may interrupt this process. We focus on understanding how our life experiences affect us through the situations we encounter and reconnect with achieving what we wish for ourselves. Through increased awareness, dealing with 'unfinished business' and re-framing negative or self-limited thinking we can find our own creative solutions to how we respond to life and find the satisfaction we seek.

    I find change can be very rewarding though sometimes not easy. I believe learning more about ourselves is a lifelong path and change is always possible to support our choices and well-being. Counselling and psychotherapy is a process that can support us in our lives. In Gestalt we believe that people make adaptations that support them the best way they can but when this no longer works so well they can consider other ways of self-support. Even if you are not sure of the best way forward for you, therapy involves exploring and sometimes trying out other ways.

    Finding A Way

    In my view, life has a habit of sending us the unexpected or challenging which can lead us to question ourselves and feel uncertain about what to do. Often we manage things ourselves or with support from others. Counselling and psychotherapy is another resource people can find useful supporting us to build our own clarity and develop choices.

    I work holistically which means we look at how issues may affect different parts of your life where relevant. I work collaboratively which means you have a say in this process all the way through. Together we work out what you need to continue to support yourself after our work is done.

    I can work on many levels with a variety of issues and complexity. Not only am I experienced as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, but I have over 30 years knowledge gained from listening to many life stories and experiences as an adult care social worker (More About Me). I can work with:
    Anxiety/Depression; Loss/Bereavement; Low Confidence/Self-Esteem; Family or relationship issues; Work related issues; Stress; Health Issues; Alcohol use and other difficult life events.

    What to do next?

    1) Please give me brief details about what you want from psychotherapy or counselling (Click here to E mail me.) , also checking out availability and any other information you want to ask. You can also text or call and leave a message. I can answer any queries and if you choose we can then set up a telephone call.
    2) 10-15 minute no obligation telephone call to clarify issues further. I give you some idea of how we might work. You get a sense of me as a person and therapist. You then decide whether to meet up.
    3) The first session is at a low cost introductory rate (£15): You choose what you feel able to say and hope to achieve. I give some further ideas of how we might work on these issues. You then decide whether to continue with psychotherapy /counselling.

  • I offer daytime sessions Monday-Friday.
  • I offer evenings and early mornings for full time workers.
  • I can offer flexibility for shift workers.
  • My sessions are £40.
  • I offer students, counselling/ therapy trainees and those on lower incomes a concessionary rate of £30.
  • I can offer agreed short term work or long term.

  • My Location

  • I practice counselling and psychotherapy in South Bristol -centered within the areas of Whitchurch, Knowle, Hengrove, Brislington and Stockwood.
  • There are a number of buses locally in West Town Lane and the Wells Rd (A37).
  • By car I am accessed from West Town Lane, Wells Rd (A37) and the Bath Rd (A4). There is ample street parking.
  • See my Getting in Touch page for more details about location and public transport.

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