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Psychotherapy and Counselling, South Bristol in Whitchurch near Knowle

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

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Why seek Psychotherapy or Counselling?

I am Maria Bellis. I am an accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist based in south Bristol, near Knowle . (Details in 'My Experience').
Psychotherapy and Counselling can provide a safe space to work on many life events and personal challenges. By clarifying the issues in your life, examining any negative thoughts, and understanding more about your relationships, you can create the changes you need in your life. It is by re-framing how we feel about ourselves, life events and relationships that we can move on from feeling stuck or being in repeated patterns to manage our life in ways that work better for us. This process of understanding more about ourselves and others can support building our resilience to manage the ups and downs of life and feel more fulfilled. The process of talking with someone objective, such as a Counsellor or Psychotherapist, can support you to understand more about how to manage difficult thoughts or feelings, explore what might get in the way of resolving issues and clarify what works for you. My role is to support you to build your own clarity and resilience to feel you know what you want and to manage your life choices. I not only bring my skills, experience and training into this process (see 'My Experience'), but my belief in the possibility of change to support you. You bring your willingness to consider what you may need to find resolution. Together we work out what you need and how you can continue to support yourself after the work is done.

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist in south Bristol, I can work on many levels with a variety of issues and complexity (see 'About Counselling and Psychotherapy'). I understand the importance of being listened to and respect how different experiences can impact us. My previous 30 years experience as an adult care social worker involved listening to many life stories so I have a good grounding in many life events and transitions. Therapeutically I work with many issues whether it is how you feel about yourself or about life events and relationships past or present. As a therapist my therapeutic style is relaxed, friendly and supportive as we explore issues together at your pace. I can work with many issues in therapy including: Anxiety/Depression; Loss/Bereavement; Low Confidence/Self-Esteem; Difficult Relationships or experiences past or present; Work related issues; Stress; Health Issues; Considering Life Choices; Alcohol use; Managing Stressful Life events and many other issues. I believe in taking things in stages so that people can make informed decisions and consider their options.

What to do next:Considering Counselling and Psychotherapy may feel like a big decision for some. I believe in a step by step process to support decision making.
1) You can e-mail me brief details about what you want from psychotherapy or counselling, also checking out availability and any other information .
2) We can then set up a 10-15 minute no obligation telephone call to clarify further about issues and decide upon a first session.
3) The first session is at a low cost introductory rate and also low key- you choose what you feel able to say and I give some ideas of how we might work on these issues. We clarify whether this is short or long term work and what may be involved. This may involve agreeing a limited number of sessions or be open ended according to the issues and what you hope to achieve.
4) You then decide whether to continue with psychotherapy /counselling.
5) We continue to review the work and clarify your goals as you are very much central to deciding the focus.

I believe we are all capable of creating change in our lives when we face challenges or difficulties.
I work with you to explore what you need and to find your own way.

What can I offer?

  • I offer warm, sensitive support adapted to your need and pace.
  • I work collaboratively so we explore and find your solutions together.
  • I have many years experience of working with different people, issues and situations.
  • We can work on a specific issue or in more depth with complexity.
  • I welcome telephone inquiries, without any obligation, to explore your issues.
  • The first session is reduced rate so you can experience how I work, clarify what you need and the outcomes you would like. We also clarify arrangements such as time and number of sessions.
  • Evening or very early morning sessions possible for people who work day time. There may be some flexibility for shift workers.

    "The first step in seeking happiness is learning."
    Dalai Lama.

  • Location

    My practice is based in South Bristol -centered within the areas of Whitchurch, Knowle, Brislington and Stockwood. Easily accessed by car and buses from West Town Lane, the Wells Rd (A37), Airport Rd and Bath Rd (A4). There is ample street parking.
    See my 'Sessions and Contact' page for more details about location and public transport.

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